Detailed Notes on zen

zafrogzen, I go on for being encouraged and enlightened by your commentary. I thank you from the guts. The thing is matters in a method which i do yet you Convey them so merely and eloquently which the concepts are much easier to assimilate in consciousness.

I have already been loud, persistent and forthright about sexual abuse by Tibetan lamas. Specially Sogyal Lakar aka Rinpoche, who is a sadistic sexual predator of monumental proportions. He is usually a bully who delights in humiliating his college students before a roomful of individuals. He's liar — he can make Wrong statements about his qualifications being a Buddhist Instructor. But nearly all of all he is amazingly greedy.

Zen requirements to change, and from my angle of watch it’s the Girls in Zen who are initiating this A great deal-wanted maturing of attitudes and techniques.

I think the answer is usually to have a purely mechanistic strategy. Will it operate? Will it prevent hurt? If you’re building a residence there are actually certain practices that perform and Other folks that don't.

Sasaki has been open for a few years, in some ways even to his dying a long time, he has remaining us Yet another great koan: how can anyone so clearly realised and top-quality to any dwelling Zen teacher of our time do that — contact Girls?

“When my father got into his late eighty’s, he misplaced many his inhibitions, and he did some really inappropriate issues with Girls. I used loads of time with him; I beloved him, but it absolutely was hard. I liked to obtain my friends arrive to visit when I was supplying him dinner, so he’d have some enterprise. But a single evening, he asked my friend Nancy to face with her again to him then gave her what he named a “Jewish hug” (she was, he wasn’t) and set his arms close to her and his arms on her breasts. I lived in dread that his inhibitions might so disappear that he could come up with a pass at me, but he under no circumstances did.

I’m not wanting to protect the man by any usually means. The quite plan would crack him up, and in any case, if he could see All of this fuss staying produced at his expense right here, I’m certain he would roll with laughter!

I am able to’t quite perfectly go in to court docket and argue, “Oh, your honor. Your honor, your honor. I had been A child in a candy retailer. I didn’t treat everyone Exclusive or otherwise as a result of my inability to manage myself. I really overtly cheated on everyone I had been ever involved with.

“Gregory Wonderwheel” gets additional upset on the language made use of to explain hurtful actions than the actual behavior by itself… and to avoid stating an individual disparaging word, asks pointless concerns to obfuscate and hold off getting to the center of any controversial difficulty.

To be expecting that these Women of all ages would independently want or test to stand up versus this kind of nicely set up, systematic abuse is I believe, unreasonable and unrealistic.

You realize nothing about me and as much as you are trying to savor your reputation once the Eido rapes etc. This really is a unique circumstance. YMMV but as along with your Leonard Cohen assertion, your assumptions are off base.

“It could only be worse if we Allow any barber, snake oil salesman, back alley knife, or influenced cook within their property kitchen put on a white coat, cling a diploma from the web and open up a surgical Business, Regardless how well that means, influenced, gifted and sincere.

This is precisely why a Trainer who’s bread is just half-baked is hazardous… Imagine if a zen teacher fucks a kid?

In battle, all get more info bets are off. And Zen training is usually like that…it is actually up to every particular person to go after if the journey and path is value enough to them.

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